Life explained in science! But before I go into whys and hows ; I want to bring an advice I’ve been told before . “People see thing’s differently , and it’s okay for all opinions to be right ” actually , yes we do see things differently. Even when we think that we see things the same ; we don’t! How is this physics? when we were told that each color has a wavelength we knew that colors are different with each one unique, we started classifying , you might love a color , I love another one ! That’s the way people say “how we see things differently ” . Same saying ; but my explanation : how do we know that we see the same color ? For instance , can I see it with your eyes ? Red: I know that red is the color of an apple , the color of a Ferrari , color of a heart maybe ❤️. This color ; how do I know that you see the same color ? Maybe you see it differently , maybe your eyes see it as my definition of purple , yeah and u will still say that an apple is red and a heart is red , but we will never know if we see it the same or not . No matter how we think we see it the same ,maybe we don’t ! When we were kids , we knew that trees are green and that is how I defined green and how you defined green! But what if our eyes make me see green as your blue , and you see green as my yellow ? And we will still say that this is green ! That’s how life is like colors , I can see love a way , someone else sees it another way , and we still think its the same ! But it’s not ! You will never put on my eyes to see the way i see green and i will never get into your mind to know how you see love ! The only thing we can share , is the way we both like something even if its different. 🙈


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