Love is physics ! yes it is ūüôą¬†Explained differently but all lead to the same fact….
Remember that swinging pendulum ?¬†That small ball connected to the string ?¬†It explains everything about love. Yourself is the hanging ball , initially stationary minding your own life . You’re pulled up once by one attraction force you’ve seen , you have nothing to do but fall in love because you’ve been pulled up but down you go ! You pass by your starting point , you walk fast straight there. You can’t stop because your still in love and so you go up in the air . You rise up till the other end , see your love and its effect ! You have so many potential that you can do nothing but go down again. You think love is endless , but this is just an ideal harmony; there are forces that stop you , resist you while you go . You keep going up and down. But you don’t know where to stop! Forces of life resist you , they tell you “stop where you were ! You’ve changed too much and love is nothing but a fairy tale ”
If it’s true strong love : it will give you a push every now and then , to keep you swinging in the air . If it’s weaker then resisting stances , you will slow down in life and will end up where you were ! A string is your conscience that can keep you in motion , if you’re going too fast , you go lost , you shatter away that you lose track ! If its strong enough, it will hold you tight , yes you get dizzy , but in the end its either continuous if ideal and if it’s not you get back to your starting point !


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